It’s been fun, but now I see the lie
My latest track :) The product of a dizzying week that ended in a smooth realization thanks to a friend

someone just said you can get your wisdom teeth removed without being put under anesthesia??? like why did no one tell me this. when i was going to get mine taken out i said to my dentist “do i have to be put under with an iv?? i have a phobia of needles i don’t think it’ll go well” and she goes “yeah but we’ll give you something before hand to calm you down” so i just went “well okay if it has to be like that” and i woke up with bruises on my arm because i FOUGHT THE DOCTOR. whatever it was that was supposed to calm me down just took away my inhibitions and I FOUGHT WITH THE PEOPLE WHO WERE TRYING TO GIVE ME THE IV ARE YOU SAYING THIS COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED

*looking over college tuition prices* you know, i think i’d actually like to consider employment as a tree





but you are already perf :DDDD

thank you blane *wipes away a tear*

averyboneygirl replied to your post “i want to be cute but also threatening. do u see my problem”

same, but thers a compromise of them, be cute but act bored with everything the opposite person is saying only occasionally breaking your facade to smile at their misery

good advice

i want to be cute but also threatening. do u see my problem

when i start to get a crush it’s like *rips out heart and throws it to the ground* *kicks it* NO

okay hey gorebat tagged me in this so!!! 

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Petition to have a very gay sports anime *pause for effect* with girls


figure skating


another baseball

military?? idk